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James Salter

James Salter

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About James Salter

James Salter was born in London in 1965. He attended the University of Reading and the University of London where he studied Classics and Anthropology respectively. James began his career at F&C where he was assistant fund manager before joining Martin Currie as a director and fund manager for their Japanese funds. He later joined Schroders, and was senior fund manger for the Schroder Japan Growth Fund. He established the Japanese franchise at Bonfield Asset Management before he transferred to Polar Capital in 2001. James has over 19 years of investment experience and has helped establish the Japanese team at Polar Capital. He is a member of the CFA institute. Outside of fund management, James's interests include open water swimming and spending time with his family.

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Citywire Rating: + rated


  • JRated A in Jul 2012
  • ARated A in Aug 2012
  • SNot rated in Sep 2012
  • ONot rated in Oct 2012
  • NNot rated in Nov 2012
  • DRated A in Dec 2012


  • JRated A in Jan 2013
  • FRated A in Feb 2013
  • MRated A in Mar 2013
  • ARated A in Apr 2013
  • MNot rated in May 2013
  • JNot rated in Jun 2013
  • JNot rated in Jul 2013
  • ARated A in Aug 2013
  • SRated AA in Sep 2013
  • ORated AA in Oct 2013
  • NRated AA in Nov 2013
  • DRated AA in Dec 2013


  • JRated A in Jan 2014
  • FRated Plus in Feb 2014
  • MRated Plus in Mar 2014
  • ANot rated in Apr 2014
  • MNot rated in May 2014
  • JNot rated in Jun 2014
  • JNot rated in Jul 2014
  • ANot rated in Aug 2014
  • SNot rated in Sep 2014
  • ONot rated in Oct 2014
  • NNot rated in Nov 2014
  • DNot rated in Dec 2014


  • JNot rated in Jan 2015
  • FNot rated in Feb 2015
  • MNot rated in Mar 2015
  • ANot rated in Apr 2015
  • MNot rated in May 2015
  • JNot rated in Jun 2015
  • JNot rated in Jul 2015
  • ANot rated in Aug 2015
  • SNot rated in Sep 2015
  • ONot rated in Oct 2015
  • NNot rated in Nov 2015
  • DNot rated in Dec 2015


  • JNot rated in Jan 2016
  • FNot rated in Feb 2016
  • MNot rated in Mar 2016
  • ANot rated in Apr 2016
  • MNot rated in May 2016
  • JNot rated in Jun 2016
  • JNot rated in Jul 2016
  • ANot rated in Aug 2016
  • SNot rated in Sep 2016
  • ONot rated in Oct 2016
  • NNot rated in Nov 2016
  • DNot rated in Dec 2016


  • JNot rated in Jan 2017
  • FNot rated in Feb 2017
  • MNot rated in Mar 2017
  • ANot rated in Apr 2017
  • MNot rated in May 2017
  • JNot rated in Jun 2017
  • JNot rated in Jul 2017
  • ANot rated in Aug 2017
  • SNot rated in Sep 2017
  • ONot rated in Oct 2017
  • NRated Plus in Nov 2017
  • DRated Plus in Dec 2017


  • JRated Plus in Jan 2018


Equity - Japan
over : 31/12/2016 - 31/12/2017
Rank 10/73 Equity - Japan
Manager Return
10 James Salter 37.3%
11 Michele Malingamba 34.5%
12 Kunio Tomiyama 33.3%

Total Return

Month by Month Performance

Quarterly Performance

to 31/12/2017 Annual Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
2017 37.3% 7.4% 7.2% 6.9% 11.6%
2016 1.1% -11.5% -4.3% 14.5% 4.2%
2015 8.9% 6.1% 8.7% -14.5% 10.4%
2014 -9.9% -9.9% 8.8% -4.4% -3.9%
2013 33.7% 12.9% 5.6% 8.9% 3.0%

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